Melanie Botelho-Urbanski

Melanie’s journey in acrobatics, flexibility, & fitness began when she took her first acrobatics lessons at four years old. Since then Melanie has studied various styles of dance, artistic gymnastics, cheerleading, contortion, aerial acrobatics, hand balancing, and Pilates. She has competed and trained in dance and gymnastics across Canada and the United States. Melanie’s focus is now on teaching acrobatics & flexibility; though she continues to train whenever possible and occasionally performs professionally. Melanie continues to develop as an artist and teacher and participates in professional development opportunities whenever possible.

Melanie enjoys teaching all ages and levels from beginners to highly advanced students. Her work as a teacher brings her great pride. Teaching students to train safely & effectively is of great importance to her. She is a fully certified Acrobatic Arts teacher having completed her Module 1 & 2 courses. Melanie is also Alixa Flexibility Certified (Modules 1-4) and N.C.C.P Level 1 certified in Artistic Gymnastics. In addition, Melanie is a graduate of the University of Manitoba having attained a Bachelors’ Degree in Recreation and Community Development (B.R.M.C.D.)

One of Melanie’s greatest passions is teaching Acro dance. She enjoys creating choreography that blends dance and Acro seamlessly. Her competitive pieces are often crowd favourites and have won multiple judges choice, all around high score, and audience choice awards. Melanie is passionate about teaching and loves sharing her knowledge and skill with her students. She hopes to have a long career helping students grow & realize their potential.